Design Assignment

I volunteered to go on Tuesday, so please check out my site for my design assignment. Feedback is appreciated, of course. The basic layout is what I’m intending for the final version. The first few pages have rough text, while the remainder are still Greeked. The pages in the “Two Worlds” section of the site have a slightly different structure than the other sections of the site. I’ve got most of the objects I’ll need loaded into Omeka, though I’ll still be adding a few here and there before I’m finished. In addition to the main pages you see on the menu, please try clicking around on images to check out the information pages they lead to. One in particular was rather time consuming, as I put together a 106 page PDF from improperly oriented scans. I’m using the Omeka PDF reader plugin to display the document on the information page.

One comment: I won’t be using footnotes on the pages of the site itself. I’m going to pull out the text and cite it in an attached PDF on the “About” page. I really don’t like the idea of footnotes on a website.

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3 Responses to Design Assignment

  1. alesanu says:

    Impressive project! Congratulations! Among some of my concerns with your web site is that when I opened the site, the video started to play instantly, which I guess might be a problem in areas were silence is a priority. If it is possible I would rather prefer to have control over the clip and to play it when I would like. Another issue is with the header: I think that it is too crowded. You have two elements in the header and both of them are very rich images. So, it might be useful to give priority to one of them. Good job!

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  3. colamaria says:

    More good feedback Alex, thanks. I had not thought of the autoplay issue on the video for people who don’t want music blaring out unexpectedly. I’ve fixed that. Thanks for bringing it up.

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